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Image Recognizer

Set up

No set up is required.

Thunkable provides its own API key by default for your convenience. If you expect your users to upload more than 1,000 images per month, please create your own free account with Microsoft Cognitive Services (current free limit is 30,000 images per month)

Property Description
Subscription Key Thunkable provides its own subscription key as default. You can add your own if you expect your users to upload more than 1,000 images per month
Server Url Distinct Url required for the Computer Vision API. Do not change the default unless you are trying to access this component from China, in which case you need to provide a different server Url

Auto-caption a picture

Event Description
Upload (photo) Sends a photo to Microsoft's Image Recognizer and returns a one-line description , a confidenceLevel for that description, and description tags. It will also return an error if there is a problem returning a description for a given image.
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