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Tab Navigator

{% hint style="danger" %} The original Tab Navigator component has been retired for a separate Top and Bottom Tab Navigator. Existing projects that have the original Tab Navigator will continue to be supported but we encourage creators to migrate to the new Top and Bottom Tab Navigator. {% endhint %}

On Android, the tab bar is usually oriented at the top of the screen. On iOS, it is usually on the bottom.

Name your Tab(s)

To name your tabs, you'll have to navigate to the properties for your Screen

Property Description
Tab Bar Label Title of your Tab

Set Tab bar to the top or bottom of the screen

Property Description
Tab Bar Position Default (top); Other option is bottom; On Android, we recommend setting the tab bar on the top; for iOS, we recommend placing it on the bottom

Enable swiping

Swiping is a popular way to move through screens and is enabled by the Tab Navigator

Property Description
Swipe Enabled Default (false); If true, enables screen navigation by swiping

Hide Tab bar

To hide the Tab bar, you'll actually have to change a Screen property

Property Description
Tab Bar Visible Default (true); If false, Tab bar will not be visible
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