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Thunken is an indie data science company. We work to bridge gaps between scientific research and business intelligence.

Pinned repositories

  1. 🚨 Java parser and utilities for BEACON, a data interchange format for large numbers of uniform links

    Java 2 2

  2. 🔍 Free alternative to Visitor.js, providing information about a visitor's browser, OS, location, etc.

    JavaScript 5 3

  3. 💌 User feedback plugin for jQuery with screenshot and browser information

    HTML 3 1

  4. 🦆 Trimmed-down fork of Bliki, a parsing and rendering library for Wikitext in Java


  5. 🌄 Upload and cropping manager for a single file upload on a form

    PHP 4

  6. 🛠 Utility methods for working with Java enumerated types



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