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RE Analysis

Dataset and code for Learning from Context or Names? An Empirical Study on Neural Relation Extraction.

If you use this code, please cite us

  title={Learning from Context or Names? An Empirical Study on Neural Relation Extraction},
  author={Peng, Hao and Gao, Tianyu and Han, Xu and Lin, Yankai and Li, Peng and Liu, Zhiyuan and Sun, Maosong and Zhou, Jie},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.01923},

Quick Start

You can quickly run our code by following steps:

  • Install dependencies as described in following section.
  • cd to pretrain or finetune directory then download and pre-processing data for pre-traing or finetuning.

1. Dependencies

Run the following script to install dependencies.

pip install -r requirement.txt

You need install transformers and apex manually.

transformers We use huggingface transformers to implement Bert. And for convenience, we have downloaded transformers into utils/. And we have also modified some lines in the class BertForMaskedLM in src/transformers/ while keep the other codes unchanged.

You just need run

pip install .

to install transformers manually.

apex Install apex under the offical guidance.

2. More details

You can cd to pretrain or finetune to learn more details about pre-training or finetuning.