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The bulk of my codes and features were pulled into or re-created in the official tool from Google. I won't be maintaining this any longer :)

GSUtil - A command line tool for interacting with cloud storage services

I have added some additional functionality that has allowed us to more easily adopt the Google Storage solution. It was created to migrate our application's static resources from S3 to GS

Sample Usage

    $./gsutil cp -ztp -c 2984000 libs/* gs://mybucket/

New Copy Options

    -t  Tries to automagically detect your file's Content Type header and assigns it
    -c  [int:seconds] Sets the caching headers up to have far-future expiry. Defaults to 1 month.
    -p  Creates the resource with a public-read canned ACL
    -z  Compress eligable files with GZIP prior to uploading

Known Issues

- using the public flag on small files occasionally fails with a 404, key not found... Invesitgation Insues.


- Adding wildcard useage to the gsutil rb command
- Switching the set public canned acl cp option to accept an arg, incase you want to apply a special acl rather than pub or priv
- extend the gzip functionality to work cloud-to-cloud through a local tempfile