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link to "cheatsheet" went to domain squatter page
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@@ -53,8 +53,6 @@ Add database configuration to `db/config.yml` in your projects base directory e.
rake db:new_migration name=FooBarMigration
edit db/migrate/20081220234130_foo_bar_migration.rb
-... and fill in the up and down migrations [Cheatsheet](
#### If you really want to, you can just execute raw SQL:
@@ -67,31 +65,6 @@ def self.down
-#### Even better, you can use the _new_migration_ task to create the initial migration ####
-The general form is:
- rake db:new_migration name=foo
-This will create a migration in `db/migrate/` named with a timestamp and `foo.rb`, e.g., `db/migrate/201201234_foo.rb`.
-class CreatePerson < ActiveRecord::Migration
- def self.up
- create_table :Person do |t|
- t.string :first_name
- t.string :last_name
- t.integer :age
- t.timestamps
- end
- end
- def self.down
- drop_table :Person
- end
### To apply your newest migration:
rake db:migrate
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