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Update to new_migration: add description so listed in rake -T

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1 parent e4e8a25 commit 89aeb5e0cbf1d7193eb0bad00d3cbc073f89a2c9 @parkr parkr committed
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  1. +1 −0 lib/standalone_migrations/tasks/db/new_migration.rake
1 lib/standalone_migrations/tasks/db/new_migration.rake
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
namespace :db do
+ desc "Creates a new migration file with the specified name"
task :new_migration, :name, :options do |t, args|
name = args[:name] || ENV['name']
options = args[:options] || ENV['options']

4 comments on commit 89aeb5e


I was about to add the desc myself since the latest version doesn't have this change, can someone push a newer version to RubyGems since this is a useful addition..


Pushed 2.0.4 so after you update you should see it in there.


rake aborted!
cannot load such file -- rails

Looks like someone added "require rails" to standalone_migrations-2.0.4/lib/standalone_migrations.rb:5

Not sure if this was intentional, if it was it is missing from the gemspec


I see what happened, we tried to switch to using the gemspec as the source of the dependencies but we use jeweler which auto generates the gemspec file based on the contents of Gemfile. Since Gemfile was empty jeweler generated a new gemspec that was missing the necessary dependencies. I just pushed 2.0.5, let me know if you still see any issues with it! Thanks!

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