a set of scripts that archives and serves content posted to friendfeed feeds
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A set of scripts that archive content posted to friendfeed feeds. Stores all the content in an sqlite3 database, so everything is self-contained.

Developed and tested on python2.7, should work on python2.6. I believe most of the python modules it requires are standard/come with a default python installation. Also needs the simplejson and sqlite3 python modules.

Functionality currently implemented

  • download all entries from a feed and related media from the entries

  • generate some simple statistics from the downloaded data:

     Statistics for the band-horse-boat-names feed on friendfeed:
           total entries  2986
         deleted entries  0
            oldest entry  2009-07-08T06:27:40Z
       most recent entry  2011-05-31T22:25:23Z
       avg posts per day  4.90
      avg posts per week  29.27
     avg posts per month  129.83
             media files  15
       media type counts    13 image/jpeg
                             2 image/png


  • download and create directories named cache and dbs in the same dir you'll run it from
  • run it as friendfeed-archive <feedname>, each feed ends up in its own database file, so if you want to archive a group/room, specifiy the group/room's feedname.
  • put it in cron to run every 15 minutes or so (for now, you'll need to make sure the current directory has the cache and dbs dirs)

To do (not an exhaustive list)

  • create the directories, make the --cachedir and --dbdir options work
  • write a web front end that displays the database contents

Planned features

  • generation of a web page with all the content, browsable similar to how it is on the friendfeed website
  • searchable content
  • feed statistics
  • also archive your likes and comments