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shuck is a wrapper around the commands run by cron that throws away output
unless the command appears to fail.  It only generates output if the job
generates output on stderr or exited a non-zero status.

    shuck "<cmd>"
    shuck -c "<cmd>"
    shuck <cmd> <arg> ...

The -c option is optional and exists for transparent compatibility with shell
invocation.  If <cmd> contains shell meta-characters, it should be quoted.

For simple commands with no shell metacharacters, you can just prefix the
command line in the crontab file with the path to shuck:

    * * * * * /usr/local/bin/shuck /some/command argument1 2 3

Often times you'll have a series of commands in a single crontab entry, 
separated by semicolons.  In this case, either quote the entire command and 
prefix it with the path to shuck:

    * * * * * /usr/local/bin/shuck 'uptime ; ps auxwf'

or set the SHELL environment variable at the top of the crontab as the path
to shuck, and everything will be run through shuck:

    * * * * * uptime ; ps

Quoting the command in this last case isn't necessary because cron passes the
the entire command string to shuck as a single argument.