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An old project of mine with the intent of providing a easy to use touch screen jukebox for back when I lived in a house with a game room.

The goals were:

  • album arrangement of music browsing
  • allow easy ripping of CD media; it does support importing files directly, but this isn’t as straightforward
  • work with a touch screen
  • attempt to download cover art
  • allow multiple songs to be queued up

Obviously, this was all back before iTunes became really popular and people were still thinking their CDs were worth keeping (rather than just re-purchasing everything easily in digital format).

If anything, the code is a working example of

  • using threads in perl (ithreads)
  • socket based IPC in perl, with a straight forward text-based DSL for communication between the client and server
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer in perl. Includes a custom theme-able widget library.

Unfortunately, the interface really needed some polish, and while there was some interest from other people in helping with that, not much work was done on the UI.