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Contentify is a Collaborative content manager in realtime over Github and Github Pages.

This repository is a work in progress.

Available features

  • Manage documents - Markdown and HTML support

  • Editor with preview / fullscreen / syntax coloration etc...

  • Real time edition with Github collaborators

  • History of all your draft / release with diff

  • Unlimited colaborators

  • Easy integration with SDKs: Javascript, Node.js

  • Simple interface

Installation over Github Pages

Fork this repository on your account. Then, to build the Github Pages, Github needs a push. To do it, you can simply change a file with the Github Interface or by using the console after having cloned the forked repository: git push origin master

Finally, go on http://[your-github-username][your-github-repository] and start editing documents in Markdown or HTML in a simple editor.

Enable realtime with Firebase

You can edit your documents in realtime with your Github collaborators by updating config.js with the option firebase_url set to your Firebase URL. To get one, you just have to signup on Firebase.

    firebase_url: ''

That's it! You can start editing in realtime with your collaborators.

Installation over Github private pages

To install contentify over a Github private repository, you have to clone this repository with --bare option and push it with --mirror option on your private repository:

git clone --bare
cd content.git
git push --mirror

Then, to prevent the Github Pages from being displayed to non collaborator users, go to, and update config.js to put the option private set to true.

var config = {
    private: true

Local installation

Install global dependancies (harp, grunt)

(sudo) npm install -g harp grunt-cli

Clone the repository and install local dependancies

git clone
cd contentify/
npm install

You have to update config.js to configure the runtime if you're hosting contentify locally.


var config = {
    username: 'thyb'
    repository: 'contentify'

Start the server


Why ?

My team and I at needed an efficient way for non-developer collaborators to work on the wording of the service without having to learn the HTML and Git/Github so I decided to make an easy way to work collaboratively with them. Now I can worry about the code and they can worry about the wording.