Roll to live (v0.6.0) #14

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thybag commented Jan 28, 2014


  • Auto Analytics is now optional & can be disabled via settings
  • Auto Analytics now supports Universal Analytics
  • Added excludeClass option (to exclude certain links from pjax loading)
  • Add returnToTop option to configure if pages loaded via pjax should return the browser scroll position back to the top.
  • Add "ready" event, fired on pjax load
  • PJAX options for page load made available via in callbacks
  • Prettied up and improved test site (using bootstrap theme) + updated info

Bug fixes:

  • Fix handle running attach in incorrect page scope, resulting in some #hash urls being ignored when they shouldn't be
  • Fix control click not opening pjax links new window
  • Fix smartload titles being overwritten
  • Fix custom titles not displaying on back button
  • Fix pages not default scrolling to the top on load
  • Fix broken pages causing error in PJAX-Standalone code


  • none pushstate browser fall backs now operate in cleaner way (not mixed in with main code)
  • Lots of spelling corrections in comments
  • Comparisons now done directly rather than via type conversion == vs ===
  • Fix multiple jslint issues
  • Make parseOptions code more DRY
  • Improve readme docs
added some commits Jan 26, 2014
@thybag Apply style changes suggested by jshint + resolve some minor bugs 7a3988e
@thybag Update readme 183e430
@thybag Reorder handle, so attach event runs in correct page scope
* Fixes in page links detecting incorrect page and ignoring links that require handling
* Bump version
@thybag Fix control click 3255b2d
@thybag Add support for Global analytics fc084e4
@thybag Return shell object if none pushstate browser detected, rather than p…
…arsing and running entire library with checks for compatibility each time.

make additional information available via events
@thybag Make auto analytics tracking optional (don't track none history pages)
Also: Fix spellings in comments + update demo
@thybag Update demo to show loaded url (as demo of using options) 85f9a0d
@thybag Correct spelling 8505550
@thybag Update readme 301ed3a
@thybag Merge pull request #13 from thybag/feature/5.3-updates
Feature/5.3 updates
@thybag Make jshint happy 1566ad9
@thybag Be more DRY cd2ae8a
@thybag Fix buggy titles & enable scroll to top on new page loads
* returnToTop option added to turn scolling page to top onload on/off
* pushstate stores titles as part of history objects.js
* title extractor doesn't run if smartload has already done this
@thybag Add options.excludeClass d02813c
@thybag Update readme 79e019f
@thybag Add ready event, refactor a little & check data is provided before se…
…tting it to event
@thybag Update readme ceb3dbd
@thybag Catch xmlhttp error, bump version 65dfb8a
@thybag Merge pull request #15 from thybag/feature/cleanup
Cleanup develop
@thybag Improve error handling 9fbde1d
@thybag Pretty up demo site
* Use bootstrap theme (from CDN)
* Incorporate bootstrap elements
* Improve text & information
* Show off more features
@thybag Merge pull request #16 from thybag/feature/update-sample
Improve Sample site
@thybag Go 0.6.0 07fd60a
@thybag thybag merged commit 35ede2c into master Jan 30, 2014

Missing 'a' in PJAX-Standlone :)

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