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Releases: thymeleaf/thymeleaf-extras-eclipse-plugin


22 Oct 22:30
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  • Minimum required Eclipse version is now 2023-06 (Eclipse changed some bundled packages which prevent the 3.0 version of the plugin from working correctly)
  • Java 17 now required as that is what Eclipse 2023-06 requires too
  • And the Java 17 target required an upgrade of a lot of internal dependencies as well
  • Fixes for some null/index exceptions (#63)


12 Sep 06:06
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  • Bundle all JARs to fix plugin startup issues around missing javax.activation dependency. That JAR is normally included in the "Eclipse IDE for Enterprise and Java Web Developers" bundle, but other installations might not have it despite meeting other prerequisites (like Spring Tool Suite) (#99, #100)


31 May 01:57
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  • Update plugin dependencies to fix an incompatibility with Java 9+. Plugin is now built and run against all Java LTS versions as of this release (Java 8, 11, and 14) (#84, #91)
  • Minimum required Java version is now 8
  • Minimum required Eclipse version is now 2019-06

Thymeleaf Extras Eclipse Plugin 2.1.2

04 Mar 20:09
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  • Fixed content assist not working over a list of tags in the restrictions
    element, (#68),
    with Alexandre Araújo providing the
    necessary fix (#69)
  • Fixed this bug where the Thymeleaf menu would show up in context menus when
    nothing was selected (#56)

Thymeleaf Extras Eclipse Plugin 2.1.1

04 Mar 20:08
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  • Focused so much on getting Thymeleaf Natures added to a project, that we
    forgot to test removing it, which suffered from the same bugs as adding it
    did. Fixed. (#45)
  • Fixed a non-blocking error that occurs when the XML namespace checking tries
    to resolve external resources (#47)
  • Enhanced the attribute restriction feature so that an attribute value can
    also be a part of the restriction (#48)