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@ultraq ultraq released this May 31, 2020

  • Update plugin dependencies to fix an incompatibility with Java 9+. Plugin is now built and run against all Java LTS versions as of this release (Java 8, 11, and 14) (#84, #91)
  • Minimum required Java version is now 8
  • Minimum required Eclipse version is now 2019-06
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@ultraq ultraq released this Mar 4, 2016

  • Fixed content assist not working over a list of tags in the restrictions
    element, (#68),
    with Alexandre Araújo providing the
    necessary fix (#69)
  • Fixed this bug where the Thymeleaf menu would show up in context menus when
    nothing was selected (#56)
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@ultraq ultraq released this Mar 4, 2016

  • Focused so much on getting Thymeleaf Natures added to a project, that we
    forgot to test removing it, which suffered from the same bugs as adding it
    did. Fixed. (#45)
  • Fixed a non-blocking error that occurs when the XML namespace checking tries
    to resolve external resources (#47)
  • Enhanced the attribute restriction feature so that an attribute value can
    also be a part of the restriction (#48)
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