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Thymeleaf Test Set

This repository contains a set of tests designed for thymeleaf maintenance. Tests included cover expressions, standard dialect attributes, Spring integration and also most of the example applications, among other topics.

Tests under the org.thymeleaf.engine package are designed for use with the thymeleaf-testing library.

All tests and are launched using JUnit. The JUnit test classes are contained at several folders, depending on the thymeleaf version they refer to (activated with the corresponding profile):

  • src/test-common/java contains tests executed for all thymeleaf versions.
  • src/test-20/java for thymeleaf 2.0.x
  • src/test-21/java for thymeleaf 2.1.x

Inside these folders, tests are divided into subfolders, one for each group of functionality, and might be accompanied by model or configuration classes.

Test files (among them, *.thtest files for the engine tests) are contained in similarly organized folders:

  • src/test-common/resources
  • src/test-20/resources
  • src/test-21/resources

Launching tests

In order to launch tests from maven, execute:

mvn -P [profile] clean compile test

Where [profile] is one of:

  • 2.0 for the latest SNAPSHOT in the Thymeleaf 2.0 branch
  • 2.1 for the latest SNAPSHOT in the Thymeleaf 2.1 branch

Each test reported as successful or failed refers in fact to a set of thymeleaf tests launched by a test method in a JUnit class. Refer to the specific report for that JUnit test class in order to examine which test file or files failed and under which circumstances.