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Algolia Search Insights

This is an unofficial tag template for Algolia Search Insights.


David Vallejo (

Release notes

Date Notes
25 June 2019 Fix, Cast Variables to String prior to use split.
21 June 2019 Updates, new features, bug fixes, check changelog.


See this article for details about how the template works.

Currently Supported Tracking Events

  • viewedFilters
  • viewedObjectIDs
  • clickedObjectIDsAfterSearch
  • clickedObjectIDs
  • clickedFilters
  • convertedObjectIDsAfterSearch
  • convertedObjectIDs
  • convertedFilters

Supported Fields

  • userToken
  • index
  • eventName
  • objectIDs
  • filters
  • queryID
  • positions

Settings supported

  • Manage if the current user has Opted Out
  • Override the default cookie duration (default value 6 months)
  • Region value setting from the Init Tag
  • User Token persistance. You can define the User Token within the Init tag and it will be persisted to the subsecuent events sent to Algolia Search Insights


  • 25 June 2019 -- Fix, Cast Variables to String prior to use split.
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