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Yandex Metrica

This is an unofficial tag template for Yandex Metrica.


David Vallejo (

Release notes

Date Notes
3 June 2019 First version of the tag released.
14 June 2019 Updates, new features, bug fixes, check changelog.


See this article for details about how the template works.

Currently Supported Tracking Features

  • Pageviews
  • Goals
  • Outbound Links
  • File Downloads
  • Session Parameters
  • User Parameters
  • User ID
  • Not Bounces
  • Ecommerce Tracking ( based on a dataLayer )

Settings supported

  • Enable/Disable Click Maps
  • Enable/Disable Webvisor
  • Enable/Disable Accurate Bounce Rate Tracking
  • Enable/Disable Links Tracking
  • Enable/Disable Sending Pages to Yandex Index
  • Enable/Disable Hashes Tracking
  • Enable/Disable Library Loading from CDN
  • Enable/Disable Pageview defer ( not send a pageview on Init, for SPA sites )
  • Enable/Disable Debugging Feature

ChangeLog 14 June 2019

  • Fixed Ecommerce Setup . It was not being initilized.
  • Minor UI Reorganization
  • Added Session Parameters Tracking
  • Added User Parameters Tracking
  • Added userID Tracking
  • Added not-Bounce Tracking
  • Fixed Debug being reset on after init methods
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