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SEO Meets Google Analytics


What's this?

Is a Wordpress Plugin to log search bots visits to Google Analytics. This plugin used the uap-core library for PHP in order to detect the bots based on their User Agent.

Important Notes

This plugin is currently in Alpha/Beta Status, this means I do not offer any warranty. As I'm not a developer I'm trying to do all I can so the code is the most fail-proof as possible. If you find some bug, or if you have any improvement, please drop me a line or open an issue.


Firstly you need to upload a the wp-seo-ga folder to your wp-content/plugins folder. After that just activate the plugin, and setup the Property ID where you want to send the data.

This integration does use custom dimensions in order to track a lot of extra bots/requests info. Please refer to Custom Dimensions sections in order to configure your Google Analytics Property.

Note: The custom dimensions setup is not needed at all if you only want to track the pages visited by bots, but we definetly recomended setting up a new property with those custom dimensions in order to track the bot names, the response, codes, etc

Custom Dimensions

Custom Dimension Value Scope
#1 Bot Name User
#2 Bot Device User
#3 Bot Model User
#4 Original User Agent Hit
#5 Response Status Hit
#6 Client ID User
#7 User ID User
#8 Total Memory Used Hit
#9 Total Processing Time Hit
#10 Total Number of Queries Hit
#11 Bot Name Hit
#12 Bot Device Hit
#13 Bot Model Hit
#14 Request Method Hit
#15 Server Protocol Hit
#16 Reverse Hostname User


  • Add sanity checks before being able to turn on the plugin
    • PHP Version
    • gethostbyaddr availability
    • Check Streams availability for sending hits
  • Improve the plugin admin ui
  • Add 500 errors tracking, based on register_shutdown_function (Needs PHP> 5.2)
  • Add Predefined Report templates to the documentation



  • Added the Document Title (&dt) to the payload (Thanks @mattstannard for the idea)
  • Added the possibility of setting the endpoint URL, defaults to https://www.google-analytlics.com/collect
  • Added CURL failover in case file allow_url_fopen is disabled
  • Full code refactoring and cleaning up
  • Added Request Method Dimension
  • Added Server Protocol Dimension
  • Added the requesting IP address reverse domain root name


  • First Public Release

Support the plugin

This is a free to use plugin for Wordpress, and so it will continue to be. Any coding help, suggestions, bug finding, will be appreciated.

I'm coding the plugin on my free time, if you found the plugin useful, you may want to donate some money for the project. Please use the following button:

David Vallejo