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Biopython notebook Tutorials

Jupyter Notebooks to introduce Biopython.

Click the launch binder badge below to get started in an active Jupyter session working through the Biopython tutorials right in your browser with no installations needed. The active session is served via


GitHub renders Jupyter notebooks, and so you can also browse the notebooks in static form by starting at the Tutorial Index notebook. If you prefer the nicer renderings generated by nbviewer, go here to browse the notebooks in static form.

Run this now in your browser via Binder

No installation needed!


Content Attribution

The vast majority of the content is scooped from somewhere else. This project is focused on making this existing content available and interactive with Jupyter notebooks.

Most content here is based on the Biopython tutorial.

Related tutorials

The Biopython tutorial forms the source for much of the material you'll find here.

There is a seperate Biopython Notebook tutorial here on how to characterize a small sequence like a coronavirus genome.

Docker Containers

Python version

We support Python 3 out of the box. Legacy versions (e.g. Python 2) are currently not supported.

Jupyter conversion effort

Vincent Davis and Tiago Antao