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My xmonad and xmobar configuration, plus necessary scripts to make things more usable.

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= Introduction =

xmonad-config is the Xmonad and xmobar configuration used by Vic Fryzel.

= Requirements =

 * xmonad 0.9.1
 * xmonad-contrib 0.9.1
 * xmobar 0.11.1
 * trayer 1.0
 * dmenu 4.0

= Installation =

$ cd
$ git clone
$ mv .xmonad .xmonad.orig
$ cp -R xmonad-config/xmonad ~/.xmonad
$ cp -R xmonad-config/bin ~/bin
$ echo "PATH=\$PATH:~/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

= Notes =

The key bindings are listed in xmonad.hs.

The colors set in the xmobar config and dmenu script are meant to coincide
with the IR_Black terminal and vim themes found at
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