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simple apple script to launch an window with multiple tabs that connects to a bunch of servers.
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iTerm-QuickMultipleSSH, Mac iTerm multiple servers ssh login

iTerm-QuickMultipleSSH consists in a applescript that allows to launch a single window of the great on your Mac OS X with multiple tabs that automatically login via ssh on a list of servers previously selected.


Right now you just need to run the applescript and make sure you have the file "servers.txt" in the same directory has the "iTermQuickMultipleSSH.applescript" with one server hostname for each line.

Also having your public keys authorized on each server you want to connect would be really helpful :P Otherwise you will have to introduce your password for each server on each tab...

If you need more things, check the code and hack it!


  • Allow an option to read the servers hostnames directly from a hardcoded variable (not smart, but handy for quick changes).
  • Specify a key file (useful if you have .pem keys to connect for instance to a few EC2 servers).
  • Better USAGE explanation for a more customized usage.
  • Receive parameters in order to make it work with different server files (not sure about this one yet).
  • Not try to login has root only (all said...).


Just feel free to use it and modify it!


  • Daniel Aguilar, who developed an original script that allowed me to improve it.
  • Applescript, that old-crappy language widely bad documented in a lot of 90's websites.
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