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+TypeSequence jQuery plugin
+Accepts three options:
+* `sequence` [ARRAY] an array with either key codes or a string with special keys such as ENTER;
+* `enter` [BOOL] if the enter key needs to be pressed at the end. Default: false;
+* `callback` [FUNCTION] the JS function that needs to be called when the sequence is completed.
+* `once` [BOOL OR STRING] `true` if only one time the sequence can be typed; `false` for multiple times (default); `'depends'` looks at the return of the callback function: if true, the sequence can't be typed again.
+ $(window).typesequence({
+ sequence: ['p', 'a', 's', 's', 'w', 'o', 'r', 'd'],
+ enter: true,
+ callback: function(){
+ alert('Foo');
+ }
+ });
+See also the source of `demo.html`.

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