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[deprecated] Haxelib utility for embed assets.
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Can be used as old macro reference tho


EmbedAssets is an haxe nme tool that allows you to store external assets inside the binaries at compile-time using macros, and retreive them at run-time.

Suported asset types:

Files of any type can be embed in the compiled code. They can be retreived as:

  • BitmapData - using "IMAGE" as serialize() argument. (use this for png, jpeg or gif).
  • String - using "TEXT" as serialize() argument. (use this for anyfile you want to retreive as a string).
  • ByteArray - using "BYTES" as type argument for serialize method. (use this for anything else).

Usage example:

// Assets serialization 

private function init() {
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/test.png", "IMAGE", "ImgFirst");
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/this.png", "IMAGE", "ImgSecond");
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/oOoO.png", "IMAGE", "ImgThird");
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/readme.txt", "TEXT", "TxtReadme");
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/config.xml", "TEXT", "TxtConfig");
    EmbedAssets.serialize("images/flashr.swf", "BYTES", "BTEmbedSwf");
    Lib.stage.addEventListener("ASSETS_LOADED", onAssetsLoaded);

private function onAssetsLoaded(e:Event):Void 
    addChild(new Bitmap(Resources.getBitmapData("ImgFirst")));
    addChild(new Bitmap(Resources.getBitmapData("ImgSecond")));
    addChild(new Bitmap(Resources.getBitmapData("ImgThird")));


    var swf:ByteArray = Resources.get("BTEmbedSwf");

  • Files are stored at compile-time using EmbedAssets.serialize() method.
  • Files can be retreived from Resources class using getBitmapData(), getText() or getBytes() method (like mne.Assets).
  • More information one the arguments are availibe in the sc.


  • For now there is no support for Sound or Font types, let me know if you figure how they can be created from bytearrays.
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