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Github and jekyll

I’ve never really liked blog interfaces. When I first found the emacs interface for logjam, I created an account and started using it. But I soon realized it was not very useful to me. I was not really able to easily search my blog entries, and it turned out that I almost never came back to them.

And there’s another point: I don’t know if what I want is really a blog. I want somewhere to write, to share stuff I learn, to rant about software and capitalism, but the blog format is not exactly what I have in mind. I often want to come back to something, rewrite it, and the blog concept suppose you publish in a date and there it stays. Sure, there are plenty of blogs out there with further edits, but they look weird. If you make your changes in-line, the comments make no more sense; if you make them at the end of the post, the reader feels stupid when they read a long post about some interesting idea only to come to and ‘EDIT:’ line at the end and see something like “this turned out to be false”.

I started putting all my notes in git recently - I want everything to be in git. And I started taking notes in org-mode, in emacs, because it’s the easier and faster way for me to get things done. So, when I discovered github pages with jekyll, it was a chock. I take my org files and generate something that is not really a blog, neither a website. It’s what I want it to be (and what I am able to do with the available tools, of course).

It’s even easy to setup! It’s not beautiful right now, but that is not my point.