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Maintaining config files

I am currently using etckeeper, which up to now is doing a good job. But my asterisk config was already in its own repo.

Prepare repo

$ cd /path/to/config/dir
$ git init .
$ git add .
$ git commit -v
** Updating
Before any major update, create a new branch for it:
src_sh{$ git checkout -b v1.4.1}
Update package, accept all packager defaults, commit changes return to master branch and merge changes:
$ git comm
* Understanding git
** pull vs. push
[[][Mark Longair]] explains the main differences between pull and push,
showing that they are not really simmetric. It's curious how I have
come to love git even if I do not understand all its concepts and I've
never had the occasion to use its advanced features. [[][Elsewhere]], he
explains why one should fetch and merge instead of pulling; that's
something to remember whenever I have the chance to really use
multiple branches.
* Using submodule
Discovering submodules in git caused a great confusion in my
life. From now on, everything I use must be in git; all my emacs code
is in git, but third party modules must also have git
dirs. Fortunately I was not the first to come to this conclusion, so
everything I have searched until now was easily found.
** References
[[][Git submodule workflow]]
** Importing submodule
$ git submodule add /path/to/repo
$ git submodule init
$ git commit
** Cloning superproject
$ git clone /path/to/repo
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
* Reverting git add
$ git reset .
If it's your first commit ([[][ref]]):
$ git rm --cached FILE
* Emacs
** Dired
In order to git move a file in dired, use the ! command, followed by
something like "git mv ? path/to/dir". The "?" means that the command
will be issued once for each file, which I think is not necessary in
this case.
** Magit
Magit is good. Period.
** Egg
Egg is a fork of magit; I don't know why I started using it. It's also handy to
have the main keys written on status buffer. I was unable to commit
only current region, as done in magit.