Addon for openFrameworks with bindings to the Duktape Javascript interpreter
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openFrameworks addon with bindings to the Duktape Javascript interpreter

This addon is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


#include "ofxDuktape.h"

// create a duktape context anywhere
ofxDuktape duk;

// use it in your code
int retcode = duk.pEval("log(\"hello openFrameworks!\"");

// pEval returns 0 if code was executed correctly, and other values for errors
if (!retcode) {
  // -1 is the index to the last object stored in duktape's stack, i.e. the result of the call
  ofLogInfo() << "return value is " << duk.safeToString(-1);
} else {
  ofLogError() << "error while executing javascript";


The header file ofxDukOFBindings.h has most of openFrameworks 0.9 API implemented inside the of object, and a lot of syntactic sugar - ofSetXXX methods with single parameters and ofGetXXX methods are mostly implemented as properties

#include "ofxDukOFBindings.h"
ofxDuktape duk;

// setup the 'of' object in the javascript context

// interact with openFrameworks
duk.pEval("of.windowTitle = \"New window title\"");