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Addon for openFrameworks that sets up and loads Shadertoy ( shaders
C++ GLSL Makefile
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tiagosr added support for oF 0.10.1
along with lots of features from shadertoy,
mainly buffers (including keyboard buffer)
Latest commit d1851f4 Sep 26, 2019



openFrameworks addon for loading and displaying shaders from the Shadertoy page.
Shadertoy is (c) iq
This addon is distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


  1. Set up your project to use the programmable shader. in the int main(...) function, set your window to use OpenGL 3.2 or greater:

    ofGLWindowSettings settings;
    settings.setGLVersion(3, 2);    // <--- ofxShadertoy NEEDS the GL Programmable Renderer
    settings.width = 1024;
    settings.height = 768;
    ofCreateWindow(settings);       // <-------- setup the GL context
  2. Set up the ofxShadertoy to load a file with the shadertoy glsl code

    ofxShadertoy shadertoy;
  3. Set up textures if needed by the shader

    shadertoy.setTexture(0, nifty_texture);
  4. In your draw() routine, draw a quad (or use begin() and end() to set up the shaders for a mesh) Effects happen in screen space.


I've set up some extensions to the shader parameters, mostly relating to using a camera (for use, non-exclusively, with another one of my addons, ofxFPSControls). The new uniforms are:

uniform mat4 tCameraMatrix; - a camera matrix that can be set up using ofCamera or any child class (e.g. ofxFPSControls)

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