English (UK) hardware keyboard layout for Android 4.1+
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Nick Lamb
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In Android 4.3 this keyboard is somewhat obsoleted by the provision of a built-in Android keyboard layout
for English (UK). The project still exists primarily because it can serve as an example - the online
documentation for keyboard handling in Android is rather poor.

1. This requires Android 4.1 (API level 16) or later, it was tested on a Nexus 7

2. You need some way to connect a real hardware keyboard, preferably a full PC-style keyboard
   e.g. a USB OTG cable (from some electronics stores or online sellers) which connects to the USB micro B
   socket on your Android device and in turn connects a USB keyboard

3. The keyboard should show up in Android's "Language & input" settings. It should have its own section
   "PHYSICAL KEYBOARD" between "KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS" and "SPEECH" If your keyboard isn't listed there
   then you need to solve that problem first.

4. Pick your keyboard from the settings, pick "Set up keyboard layouts" and you should see "English (UK)"
   listed with the comment "Nick's Extra Layouts".

5. Most keys on a UK keyboard should now behave as labelled. e.g. Shift + 2 should give the double quote "
   and AltGr+4 should give a Euro symbol €

6. Let me know if there are any other symbols you expect from a UK keyboard.