Monte Carlo leak diagnostic for Linux binaries
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leakdice is a tool which dumps random pages from a specified process


Linux 2.x with proc filesystem


The idea behind leakdice is that a Monte Carlo sampling method is effective
for diagnosing gross leaks. Unlike more conventional leak-detecting methods
the sampling method doesn't require the process to be instrumented, instead
it relies on the following chain of ideas:

* The program's normal working set is much smaller than the leaked data

* Therefore a randomly selected page of heap data is much more likely to
contain leaked data than other (not leaked) data

* Low-level programmers most likely to be diagnosing a leak are familiar
enough with the data structures used in their code that there's a good chance
they can identify them by sight


For example, if your leaking process has PID 5844, simply type:

leakdice 5844

If the page dumped seems irrelevant, try again, a different random page
should be chosen.

leakdice was developed by Nick Lamb.
You are welcome to modify, copy and redistribute this software under the terms
of the GNU GPL which is included in the file COPYING.