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@mdkinney mdkinney released this Nov 15, 2018 · 1302 commits to master since this release

Release Date 2018-11-15

New Features

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Update Notes

  1. Core driver(BootGraphicsResourceTableDxe)/library(DxeCapsuleLibFmp) are updated
    to consume BmpSupportLib/SafeIntLib/DisplayUpdateProgressLib. Below library
    instances are required to be added into platform DSC [LibraryClasses] section.
  1. According to the Intelligent Platform Management Interface Specification Second
    Generation v2.0 Document Revision 1.1 (October 1, 2013), a couple of definitions
    get updated within below IPMI header files. 'union' types are used in structure
    definitions that have bitmap fields. This will provide the users with both bit-level
    and byte/word-level accesses to those structures.
  1. UefiCpuPkg MpInitLib improved the performance by shadowing microcode to memory
    before doing microcode update. The enhancement may cause S3 resume failure because
    the shadow uses lots of S3 resume memory if the microcode file is large and the S3 resume
    memory is small. Platform needs to increase the S3 resume memory size in this case.

  2. Core driver(SystemFirmwareUpdateDxe) is updated to consume new interface
    PerformFlashWriteWithProgress() of PlatformFlashAccessLib. Platform's
    PlatformFlashAccessLib library instance is required to be updated to implement
    the new interface PerformFlashWriteWithProgress().

  3. Remove DxeSmmPerformanceLib from platform DSC, because it has been removed.

  4. Use FatPkg in Platform DSC/FDF to replace FatBinPkg, because FatBinPkg is removed.

  5. BaseTools adds the checker of the guid format defined in Package.dec file.
    It requires (<CName> = <GuidValueInCFormat:{8,4,4,{2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2}}>).
    Otherwise, BaseTools reports the error for the invalid GUID format.

  6. BaseTools adds the check for VOID* PCD max size. Max size is UINT16.

  7. BaseTools adds the checker that the datum type of a FeatureFlag PCD must be BOOLEAN.

  8. BaseTools drops the support to freeze python tools as the windows executable files.
    BaseTools only supports python tools run from source in Windows OS.

  9. If PcdMaxPeiPerformanceLogEntries16 is configured in DSC file to set the maximum number of performance log entries during PEI phase, its value suggests to be less than 880. If its value is bigger, such as 1000, it will cause PEI performance HOB data exceed HOB size limit.

  10. UefiCpuPkg MpInitLib is enhanced to forbidden AP calls PEI services (following PI spec). Exception or hang may occur when AP procedure contains code to use PEI services.

  11. PlatformBootManagerLib adds a new API called PlatformBootManagerUnableToBoot(). BdsDxe driver calls this new API when unable to boot. PlatformBootManagerLib library instance needs to implement this API to avoid build failure. OvmfPkg/Library/PlatformBootManagerLib/BdsPlatform.c contains an implementation to pop up UI; EmulatorPkg/Library/PlatformBmLib/PlatformBm.c contains an implementation to do nothing.

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