2018 EDK II Capsule Hack a thon

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2018 EDK II Capsule Hack-a-thon


Part of OSFC 2018 in Erlangen, Germany https://osfc.io/ September 14-15 - times TBD

Participants are encouraged to exercise platform code related to SignedCapsulePkg and FmpDevicePkg based on the edk2-stable201808 stable tag release.

This is the first time Intel has staged a public TianoCore hack-a-thon event. Thanks to the OSFC organizers for providing the venue.

Target Platforms

Test code provided is designed for the MinnowBoard Max & MinnowBoard Turbot platforms. These are open hardware platforms based on 64-bit Intel® Atom™ E3800 Series processor family. https://minnowboard.org

Intel will have 15-20 platforms on site for testing, along with support hardware (SPI flash programmers, serial-to-USB adapters, keyboards, etc.). Participants are expected to bring their own laptop systems for code compilation and debugging.

Target Codebase

Testing will be based on a project ported to the edk2-stable201808 tag. This code will be available in github in advance of the event (stay tuned). Since this is an updated version of SignedCapsulePkg and FmpCapsulePkg, the official MinnowBoard firmware release does not have the latest implementation.

Build Instructions

For this Hack-a-thon, there will be some additional build steps that are required. We have divided this up into a set of instructions for building on Windows as well as building on Linux.

Participant Registration

Please review the hack-a-thon participant agreement prior to OSFC 2018. This is a simple registration document that describes participant requirements and disclosure guidelines. Note that vulnerability submissions may be eligible for the Intel Bug Bounty Program.

Note: this document was updated on 2018-09-11 to remove the 'Confidentiality and Disclosure' clause due to concerns from the community.

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