Administration of TianoCore sub projects

Jordan Justen edited this page Nov 10, 2014 · 2 revisions

Notes for TianoCore sub-projects

  • Enable the minimal set of 'features' on sourceforge based TianoCore sub-projects. The more features that are enabled, the more cluttered/confusing the 'Develop' page is for for contributors.

Mail Lists

  • Most sub-projects probably do not require separate mailing lists. Most likely the edk or edk2 mailing lists will be sufficient for the discussion of the sub-project.
  • Probably the most critical mail lists would be:
    • devel: For general developer discussions
    • commits: For source code commits.
  • Set-up: Neet to document

Open Discussions

  • : We should not enable the 'forum' feature of sourceforge. The mail lists feature seems to better match our project communication method on collabnet.
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