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EFI binary format

EFI binary files are not ELF formated files. It means most ARM debugger tools will not understand this format. But an EFI binary file is generated from an EFL binary by the EDK2 BaseTools. The original EFL file can be found under [EDK2_ROOT]/Build/[YOUR_PROJECT]/DEBUG_[YOUR_TOOLCHAIN]/ARM/.../.../DEBUG/[YOUR_EFI_MODULE].dll Example:

The .dll extension is not relevent. These files are really ELF files. The conversion from ELF to PE/COFF will mainly modify the file header (and its size).

Topology of the UEFI Firmware File

A UEFI Firmware File (actually a UEFI Firmware Device - FD file) is a collection of UEFI binaries encapsulated into a single image. The format of this image is defined by the Platform Initialization Specification Volume 3. A Vector Table is located at the base of this file. A 'BL' branch instruction at the base of the firwmare (location of the Reset Entry into the Vector Table) will jump to the first 'SEC' module of the UEFI Firmware Image.

Hardware Debugger & Printed Debug Command lines

The hardware debugger cannot read the command lines printed into the serial console. These command lines are only there to help the firmware engineer to load the symbols for the corresponding modules into his/her debugger tool.

Debugging code when the 'Debug Command lines' are printed into the serial console

1. Stop your target (eg: with a hardware debugger)

2. Identify the value of the 'PC' (Program Counter Register)

3. Use the printed debug command lines to identify in which module your 'PC' is located. Example:

Boot firmware (version  built at 17:48:18 on Aug 21 2012)
add-symbol-file /work/dev/uefi/edk2/Build/ArmVExpress-CTA9x4-Standalone/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/Sec/Sec/DEBUG/ArmPlatformSec.dll 0x44000180
Trust Zone Configuration is disabled
add-symbol-file /work/dev/uefi/edk2/Build/ArmVExpress-CTA9x4-Standalone/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/PrePeiCore/PrePeiCoreMPCore/DEBUG/ArmPlatformPrePeiCore.dll 0x45000180
add-symbol-file /work/dev/uefi/edk2/Build/ArmVExpress-CTA9x4-Standalone/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/MdeModulePkg/Core/Pei/PeiMain/DEBUG/PeiCore.dll 0x450049CC
If your PC register is equal to 0x45000248 then your CPU is running code from the 'PrePeiCore' module.

4. Load the symbols by copying and pasting the command line into your debugger.

add-symbol-file /work/dev/uefi/edk2/Build/ArmVExpress-CTA9x4-Standalone/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/PrePeiCore/PrePeiCoreMPCore/DEBUG/ArmPlatformPrePeiCore.dll 0x45000180

Debugging initial bring-up code (SEC phase)

Scope: The UEFI Debug Support has not been initialized yet. And the platform crashes before the UART or any output are available to the firmware engineer.

As you do not have UART yet to print out to the location of the initial symbols, you need to calculate manually the corresponding ELF base address that will be used to load the symbols at the correct location. We will use the base address of the first called function as a reference. 1. Identify the first function following your EDK2 boot flow. If your EDK2 firmware crashes in - the Sec module, then the first function is _ModuleEntryPoint of [EDK2_ROOT]/ArmPlatformPkg/Sec/ - the PrePi module, then the first function is _ModuleEntryPoint of [EDK2_ROOT]/ArmPlatformPkg/PrePi/

2. Retrieve the base address of this symbol in the corresponding ELF file. Example:

$ fromelf -s Build/ArmRealViewEb-RTSM-A8/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/Sec/Sec/DEBUG/ArmPlatformSec.dll | grep _ModuleEntryPoint
  1217  _ModuleEntryPoint          0x00000004   Gb    1  Code  De 
<pre>$ arm-linux-gnueabi-objdump -t Build/ArmRealViewEb-RTSM-A8/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/Sec/Sec/DEBUG/ArmPlatformSec.dll | grep _ModuleEntryPoint
00000004 g     F ER_RO  000000c8 .hidden _ModuleEntryPoint

3. Get the address of _ModuleEntryPoint in the UEFI Firmware file. The first 32bit double word of your firmware should be a 'BL' jump to this entry point.

S:0xEB00005F : BL       {pc}+0x184 ; 0x184
Note: 'BL' is a branch relative to the Program Counter (PC) register. In the case of the example, the absolute address of _ModuleEntryPoint will be: 0x0 (base address) + 0x184 (offset from the base address) = 0x184

4. Calculate the translated ELF base address for this first module: Absolute Address of _ModuleEntryPoint on the Target - Absolute Address of _ModuleEntryPoint in the ELF file = 0x184 - 0x004 = 0x180

5. Load the symbols for this module:

add-symbol-file [EDK2_ROOT]/Build/ArmRealViewEb-RTSM-A8/DEBUG_RVCTLINUX/ARM/ArmPlatformPkg/Sec/Sec/DEBUG/ArmPlatformSec.dll 0x180
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