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EDK II Address Sanitizer Features

Jian Wang edited this page Nov 20, 2018 · 1 revision

Current EDK II supports following kinds of address sanitizer features:

  1. Page/pool memory overflow detection (Heap Guard)
    • PcdHeapGuardPropertyMask
    • PcdHeapGuardPoolType
    • PcdHeapGuardPageType
  2. NULL pointer access detection (NULL Detection)
    • PcdNullPointerDetectionPropertyMask
  3. Use-After-Free page/pool memory detection (UAF Detection)
    • PcdHeapGuardPropertyMask
  4. Global stack overflow detection (Stack Guard)
    • PcdCpuStackGuard
  5. Local stack overflow detection (BaseStackCheckLib)
    • -fstack-protector-all (MdePkg\Library\BaseStackCheckLib\BaseStackCheckLib.inf)

Heap Guard


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