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EDK II Security White Papers

Laurie Jarlstrom edited this page May 3, 2019 · 3 revisions

A list of White Papers and information for EDK II Security from multiple sources


Memory Protection: A Tour Beyond BIOS – Memory Protection in UEFI BIOS - gitbook (March 2017)

SMM Protection:

DMA: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Using IOMMU for DMA Protection in UEFI firmware (Oct 2017)

Capsule/Recovery: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Capsule Update and Recovery in EDK II (Dec 2016)

Variable: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Implementing UEFI Authenticated Variables in SMM with EDK II (Oct 2015)

S3: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Implementing S3 Resume with EDK II (Oct 2015)

TPM2: A Tour Beyond BIOS - with the UEFI TPM2 Support in EDK II (Sept 2014)

Profile: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Implementing Profiling in EDK_II (July 2016)


StandaloneMM: A Tour Beyond BIOS - Launching Standalone SMM Drivers in the PEI Phase using EDK II (May 2015)

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