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EDK II Application Development Kit for include the Standard C Libraries in UEFI Shell Applications

EDK II Application Development Kit (EADK)
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release 1.02.zip

Release Notes
EDK II Application Development Kit (EADK) Release 1.02 Package incorporates using the Standard C Library components. Include these into standard "C" applications. See the AppPkg for "Hello World" example Packages Included: (Note: get the latest from the UDK2010 release)
1) AppPkg;- This package contains applications which demonstrate use of the Standard C Library. These applications reside in AppPkg/Applications.
  • Enquire This is a program that determines many properties of the C compiler and the target machine that Enquire is run on. The only changes required to port this 1990s era Unix program to EDK II were the addition of eight pragmas to enquire.c in order to disable some Microsoft VC++ specific warnings.
  • Hello This is a very simple EDK II native application that doesn't use any features of the Standard C Library.
  • Main This application is functionally identical to Hello, except that it uses the Standard C Library to provide a main() entry point.
  • Python A port of the Python-2.7.2 interpreter for UEFI. This application is disabled by default. Un-comment the line for PythonCore.inf in the [Components] section of AppPkg.dsc to enable building Python.
  • Sockets A collection of applications demonstrating use of the EDK II Socket Libraries. These applications include:
  • DataSink
  • DataSource
  • GetAddrInfo
  • GetHostByAddr
  • GetHostByDns
  • GetHostByName
  • GetNetByAddr
  • GetNetByName
  • GetServByName
  • GetServByPort
  • OobRx
  • OobTx
  • RawIp4Rx
  • RawIp4Tx
  • RecvDgram
  • SetHostName
  • SetSockOpt
  • TftpServer
  • WebServer

2) StdLib
- The StdLib package contains the standard header files as well as implementations of the standard libraries.
Earlier Releases of EADK
Beta 1.zip Release Notes
EADK Alpha 2 .zip Release Notes
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