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EmbeddedPkg provides protocol implementation for memory mapped controllers and EBL. EBL (EDK Boot Loader) - a simpler EFI shell - is aslo part of this package.

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EmbeddedPkg Protocols


The only module today that implements this protocol is the OMAP3 PMIC. A reason to use this driver could be for instance you write a driver that depends on a standardized external device but not defined by the UEFI spec (I do not have one in mind) but you do not know where this external device is (case the device is memory mapped), this protocol allows to access this external device from your device driver in a platform independent way. But maybe this driver would need an additional parameter to identify the type of external device (the EFI Device Path will not help you to solve this limitation if the external device has not any EFI Device Path Node representation in the UEFI spec – probably all the External Device will have be VenHw(...) device path)..
Source: edk2-devel mailing-list - Olivier Martin - Fri 03/08/2012 09:54


One ‘limitation’ of most embedded system in comparison to PC system is most of their controllers are located at a different location in the memory map and they are no attached to enumerable bus (such as PCI). So it is quite difficult to know which device are present on a specific platform. This protocol is a tentative to get a solution to this limitation.
Source: edk2-devel mailing-list - Olivier Martin - Fri 03/08/2012 09:54

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