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Welcome to the Framework Self-Certification Tests (framework-sct) Project on TianoCore. The framework-sct is a toolset for platform firmware developers to validate Framework EFI implementations on IA-32 as well as Intel64 (AKA EMT64) and Itanium® Architecture-based platforms for compliance with the Framework Specification. The purpose is to ensure interoperability of different EFI Framework implementations. The Framework SCT was released under the Eclipse license. Working with the SCT

The toolset features a Test Harness for executing built-in EFI Compliance Tests, as well as for integrating user-defined tests that were developed using the framework-sct open source code. The main objective to framework-sct open source code is to provide standards for writing EFI 1.10 Specification compliant test cases, with shared output, reporting, and logging features. This allows test case writers to concentrate their efforts on test functionality.

The framework-sct requires the EFI Developer Kit (EDK) and the EFI Shell to compile and build. Please refer the EDK Getting Started Guide (pdf) to install the EDK and the EFI Shell Getting Started Guide (pdf) to install the EFI Shell.

The following bullets provide information on how to download, build and use the framework-sct.

  • Download snaphots of development or official releases of the framework-sct. Simply click on the link and choose the latest development or official version to start the download process.
  • Download the EFI SCT Getting Started Guide (pdf) for guiding on building and using the framework-sct to develop.
Project Participation

The framework-sct project team is primarily comprised of Intel platform engineers, but the door is open to external engineers to join this blended team of professionals. Companies and individuals that may want to join the framework-sct development team include:

  • Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs)
  • Independent BIOS Vendors (IBVs)
  • Original Equiment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Operating System Developers
  • Open BIOS Engineers
  • Educational Institutions
There is room for project membership in filing, screening, fixing and verifying bugs, as well as participating in the enhancement of the framework-sct . See the framework-sct Project Development Process for an explanation of how this project functions and how new users can participate. Handy Links

The following links are provided for use by the general public:

  • Directory of framework-sct Source Code Snapshots (Development Versions)
  • Directory of framework-sct Source Code Snapshots (Official Releases)
  • Link to the TianoCore Community Project
  • Link to the Intel EFI 1.10 Specification (on Intel's Site)
  • Archives of the framework-sct "Dev" Mailing List
These links will work only if you are a registered user on TianoCore (click here to register):
  • Query of Open and Active framework-sct Project Defects (link not active yet)
  • Request for a Project Role (initial or promotion)
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