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Tianocore is participating in the Google Summer of Code 2011. This page provide information for our students and mentors.

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For most questions, please email the edk2-devel email list. If this doesn't work, contact directly.


Thanks to coreboot

Thanks to the coreboot project for donating 2 GSoC project slots to tianocore, which will enable us to pursue 2 additional projects as part of GSoC!


Getting Started

Google has posted some useful DOs and DON'Ts for students.

Aside from Google's recommendations, here are some things you should look over before starting the main work on your project:

  1. Review our Code Style
    • Including the parts about commit messages and commit partitioning.
  2. (Optional) Complete the process to become a Basic Contributor if you'd like to be able to contribute code into our edk2 tree.
  3. Determine where you are going to initially host your code
    • Your mentor will want to see progress on your project every few days, and this will be much easier in a separate project
    • Determine which source control system you will use. Subversion would be a good first choice. Git could be an options as well. (You'll want to include your mentor in this choice.)
    • Some code hosting options: google, sourceforge, github

Working on the Project

Here are some recommendations for use during the summer while working on your project:

  1. Commit early, commit often
    • Besides being a good practice in general, this will allow your mentor to see your progress.
    • Proper Commit Partitioning can allow you to check in changes up to several per day.
  2. Ask questions earlier rather than later.
    • Use the edk2-devel list first, and your mentor second. You should interact with our community as much as possible.
    • Questions are good. Perhaps it'll point out some documentation that we need for our community.
  3. Create a timeline with some intermediate goals for your project.
    • Discuss the situation with your mentor if you need to adjust your goals.
  4. Don't copy source code, except from the main EDK II tree.
    • If you think some BSD licensed code from another project is required, make sure you discuss it with your mentor and .
  5. If you have an issue, and your mentor is not able to help you, then contact .


  1. Be sure to look over Google's DOs and DON'Ts for mentors.
  2. Review the student section above
  3. Monitor your students work in their source repository
    • If you are not seeing regular updates, make sure your student is not getting into trouble
    • You should be in communication with your student, or seeing good results in their source repository at least every few days (at a minimum).
  4. If you have an issue, please contact .

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