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Next Steps

  • Look over our Tasks page and find one (or more) projects that sound interesting to you.
  • You must submit your project proposal for the tianocore organization on the GSoC2012 ( page before April 6, 2012 at 19:00 UTC.
    • There is an application template below
    • The application deadline is final, so don't be late!
    • You can submit applications for more than one project if you find multiple projects interesting. Although, you can only be able to be assigned to a single project in the end.
  • Please join our edk2-devel email list and start asking about the project you are interested in
    • Let us know if you need more information!
More information Note: We primarily use the BSD License, and it is generally expected that your project will be completed utilizing this license.

Application Template

Students, please prepare a project proposal with the following information:

  • Contact information (email)
  • Personal description, qualifications
    • skills
    • past projects/experiences
    • any previous open source contributions
  • Explain your interest in UEFI or firmware
  • Your plans for the project
    • high level plan
    • 1st draft timeline
  • Will you be able to become a Basic Contributor by agreeing to our Contribution Agreement? (Just answer yes or no. If yes, then we would complete this process separately.)
This application/project proposal will need to be uploaded to the main GSoC website between March 26th and April 6th. The accepted applications will be announced on April 23rd.

To submit your application visit the Google Summer of Code site, and submit your application with the tianocore project.

Potential Mentors

If you are interested in mentoring a project:

  • Please contact us on the edk2-devel email list, or contact .
  • We would look for mentors with experience with edk2 and/or other open source projects.
  • If you have a project idea that you prefer to mentor, let us know about it.


For most questions, please email the edk2-devel email list. If this doesn't work, contact directly.

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