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Note: this package has been deprecated. Please refer to Shell and ShellPkg for the latest info.

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Welcome to the gcc-shell project

The purpose of this project is to provide the ability to build the efi-shell project in the EDK II for the ARM processor type, and for all processor types with GCC. Currently you can build the efi-shell in the EDK II with the Edk Compatibility Package, but it does not support ARM or GCC. Since adding ARM and GCC support required modifying the efi-shell code in a way that is not compatible with the efi-shell project this new project was added.

The current gcc-shell project is based on the efi-shell project Subversion revision 34.

Short Lived Project

It is intended that this project will have a short life. The long term goal is to have a pure EDK II shell. When an EDK II shell is available this project will be retired.

Getting Started

This section assumes you have the edk2 checked out into the edk directory. Use Subversion to check out the GccShellPkg in the edk2 directory with the following commands:

$ cd edk2
$ svn co https://gcc-shell.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gcc-shell/trunk/GccShellPkg  GccShellPkg 

On Windows binary copies of the tools are checked into source control. On Unix like systems the tools must be built. So do the following to build the tools on a Unix like system. You should only need to do this one time after you checked the code out from source control:
~/work/edk2$  make -C BaseTools/Source/C

Follow the OS specific instructions to setup your build environment, and build a gcc compiler if needed. For Windows edksetup.bat, for Unix like systems you need to source edksetup.sh. Then you can build the shell from the edk2 directory. You only need to execute the edksetup script one time in you terminal window:

Windows with RVCT: Shell binary: edk2/Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_RVCT31/IA32/ShellFull.efi
C:\edk2> edksetup.bat
C:\edk2> build -p GccShellPkg/GccShellPkg.dsc -a ARM -t RVCT31

Windows Cygwin Bash shell with RVCT: Shell binary: edk2/Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_RVCT31CYGWIN/IA32/ShellFull.efi
~/work/edk2$  . edksetup.sh BaseTools
~/work/edk2$  build -p GccShellPkg/GccShellPkg.dsc -a ARM -t RVCT31CYGWIN

OS X with Xcode tools example: Shell binary: edk2/Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_XCODE32/IA32/ShellFull.efi
~/work/edk2$  . edksetup.sh BaseTools
~/work/edk2$  build -p GccShellPkg/GccShellPkg.dsc -a IA32 -t XCODE32

Linux with GCC tools example: Shell binary: edk2/Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_ELFGCC/X64/ShellFull.efi
~/work/edk2$  . edksetup.sh BaseTools
~/work/edk2$  build -p GccShellPkg/GccShellPkg.dsc -a X64 -t ELFGCC

Run gcc-shell in UnixPkg

$ cd edk2/UnixPkg
$ vi UnixPkg.fdf
Update the Flash Description File (.fdf) to point to the GccShellPkg binary we just built. Note path will change based on the compiler you used:
        SECTION PE32 = EdkShellBinPkg/FullShell/Ia32/Shell_Full.efi
#        SECTION PE32 =Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_XCODE32/IA32/ShellFull.efi
#        SECTION PE32 = EdkShellBinPkg/FullShell/Ia32/Shell_Full.efi
        SECTION PE32 =Build/GccShellPkg/DEBUG_XCODE32/IA32/ShellFull.efi

Now build the UnixPkg to include the shell we can source level debug:
$ ./build.sh

Run the UnixPkg emulator:
$ ./build.sh run
Building from: /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2
using prebuilt tools
Reading symbols for shared libraries ...... done
Breakpoint 1 at 0xce84: file /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/UnixPkg/Sec/SecMain.c, line 1070.
Type r and hit return at the gdb prompt to start the emulator. Let the UnixPkg emulator run until it boots the EFI Shell (gcc-shell) and break into gdb with a ctrl-c. Your gdb back trace might vary, depending on where you broke in, but you should see symbols for the EFI-Shell. The current UnixPkg uses an EFI shell binary that was produced with Visual Studio so no symbols will be shown if you use that one.
Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
0x92423806 in __semwait_signal ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x92423806 in __semwait_signal ()
#1  0x9244f441 in nanosleep$UNIX2003 ()
#2  0x0000b989 in msSleep (Milliseconds=0x14) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/UnixPkg/Sec/UnixThunk.c:102
#3  0x0000acf5 in UgaCheckKey (UgaIo=0x207880) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/UnixPkg/Sec/UgaX11.c:380
#4  0x0000d8b7 in _GasketUintn () at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/Build/Unix/DEBUG_XCODE32/IA32/UnixPkg/Sec/SecMain/OUTPUT/Ia32/Gasket.iii:63
#5  0x0000d801 in GasketUgaCheckKey (UgaIo=0x207880) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/UnixPkg/Sec/Gasket.c:406
#6  0x454a25fb in UnixUgaSimpleTextInWaitForKey (Event=0x45603610, Context=0x45382110) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/UnixPkg/UnixUgaDxe/UnixUgaInput.c:169
#7  0x45faad3a in CoreDispatchEventNotifies (Priority=0x10) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Event/Event.c:185
#8  0x45faa639 in CoreRestoreTpl (NewTpl=0x4) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Event/Tpl.c:114
#9  0x45f9f197 in CoreReleaseLock (Lock=0x45fb1024) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Library/Library.c:102
#10 0x45faabd6 in CoreReleaseEventLock () at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Event/Event.c:113
#11 0x45fab26c in CoreCheckEvent (UserEvent=0x45603210) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Event/Event.c:562
#12 0x45fab2db in CoreWaitForEvent (NumberOfEvents=0x1, UserEvents=0x45f94bc4, UserIndex=0x45f94bac) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Event/Event.c:621
#13 0x49bd2d45 in WaitForSingleEvent (Event=0x45603210, Timeout=0x0) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/GccShellPkg/Library/Event.c:212
#14 0x49be0442 in SEnvConIoRead (File=0x49c52a60, BufferSize=0x45f94d04, Buffer=0x49fe3010) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/GccShellPkg/shellenv/conio.c:553
#15 0x49bd490a in NShellPrompt (ImageHandle=0x49d95e10) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/GccShellPkg/newshell/init.c:949
#16 0x49bd4720 in InitializeShell (ImageHandle=0x49d95e10, SystemTable=0x45f73f90) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/GccShellPkg/newshell/init.c:715
#17 0x45f9e4e3 in CoreStartImage (ImageHandle=0x49d95e10, ExitDataSize=0x45f94eec, ExitData=0x45f94ee8) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/Image/Image.c:1260
#18 0x4550cccc in BdsLibBootViaBootOption (Option=0x49ffa510, DevicePath=0x49ffa490, ExitDataSize=0x45f94eec, ExitData=0x45f94ee8) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/IntelFrameworkModulePkg/Library/GenericBdsLib/BdsBoot.c:382
#19 0x455252a9 in BdsBootDeviceSelect () at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/IntelFrameworkModulePkg/Universal/BdsDxe/BdsEntry.c:214
#20 0x455255bc in BdsEntry (This=0x4552d01c) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/IntelFrameworkModulePkg/Universal/BdsDxe/BdsEntry.c:356
#21 0x45fad7e8 in DxeMain (HobStart=0x45f70010) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/DxeMain/DxeMain.c:425
#22 0x45fadd1d in ProcessModuleEntryPointList (HobStart=0x42020000) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/Build/Unix/DEBUG_XCODE32/IA32/MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe/DxeMain/DEBUG/AutoGen.c:287
#23 0x45f97773 in _ModuleEntryPoint (HobStart=0x42020000) at /Users/fish/work/Migration/edk2/MdePkg/Library/DxeCoreEntryPoint/DxeCoreEntryPoint.c:54

You can see by calls to InitializeShell() and NShellPrompt() that the shell supports source level debugging.

The UnixPkg should produce an X11 window that is the emulated EFI graphics console containing a shell prompt. Do the ctrl-c after you see the shell prompt


Common Errors

 : error 1005: There are 2 INF files in /Users/fish/work/edk2/GccShellPkg.
    Please use '-m <INF_FILE_PATH>' switch to choose one.
If you build from the edk2/GccShellPkg directory you need to pick either Shell.inf or ShellFull.inf. If you cd up to the edk2 directory this build error will go away and both .inf files will be built.
 'c:/Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
 operable program or batch file.
 NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"c:/Program Files/ARM/RVCT/Programs/3.1/761/win_32-pentium/armcc"' : return code '0x1'
The default location of the RVCT compiler is not correct. Edit edk2/Conf/tools_def.txt and update the line that starts with DEFINE RVCT31_TOOLS_PATH to match the location of your RVCT install.
 Building ... /cygdrive/c/work/edk2/MdePkg/Library/BasePcdLibNull/BasePcdLibNull.inf [ARM]
 "/cygdrive/c/work/edk2/BaseTools/Bin/CYGWIN_NT-5.1-i686/armcc_wrapper.py" "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/ARM/RVCT/Programs/3.1/761/win_32-pentium/armcc" --cpu Cortex-A8  --c90 -c -g -O2 --no_autoinline --asm --gnu --apcs /interwork
 --signed_chars --no_unaligned_access --split_sections --preinclude AutoGen.h --diag_warning 167 -o /cygdrive/c/work/edk2/Build/BeagleBoard/DEBUG_RVCT31CYGWIN/ARM/MdePkg/Library/BasePcdLibNull/BasePcdLibNull/OUTPUT/./PcdLib.obj -I/cygdrive
 /c/work/edk2/MdePkg/Library/BasePcdLibNull -I/cygdrive/c/work/edk2/Build/BeagleBoard/DEBUG_RVCT31CYGWIN/ARM/MdePkg/Library/BasePcdLibNull/BasePcdLibNull/DEBUG -I/cygdrive/c/work/edk2/MdePkg -I/cygdrive/c/work/edk2/MdePkg/Include -I/cygdrive
 /c/work/edk2/MdePkg/Include/Arm /cygdrive/c/work/edk2/MdePkg/Library/BasePcdLibNull/PcdLib.c
 /bin/sh: /cygdrive/c/Program Files/ARM/RVCT/Programs/3.1/761/win_32-pentium/armcc: No such file or directory
The default location of the RVCT compiler is not correct. Edit edk2/Conf/tools_def.txt and update the line that starts with DEFINE RVCT31CYGWIN_TOOLS_PATH to match the location of your RVCT install.
 edk2/Conf/tools_def.txt file does not exist
This file is not checked into source control. When you setup your build environment the first time edk2/BaseTools/Conf/tools_def.template gets copied to edk2/Conf/tools_def.txt. This allows you to make local modification to match the locations of the compilers installed on your system without having to check that back into source control. If edk/Conf/tools_def.txt exists it will not get overwritten. So you should only have to change it one time.

GenSec: ERROR 0001: Error opening file
GenSec: ERROR 2000: Status is not successful
  Status value is 0x2
You forgot to build the GccShellPkg. Follow the instructions in Getting Started to build the GccShellPkg. You do not need to checkout the GccShellPkg from subversion again if you have already done it once.
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