Getting Started with EDK II

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Downloading and Compiling Code

This page shows the steps for downloading EDK II from GitHub and compiling projects under various OS/compiler environments.

How to Setup a Local EDK II Tree

Several build environments are supported and documented. If instructions are not available for your exact system configuration, you may still be able to tweak the instructions to work on your system.

Note: Some other build tools may be required depending on the project or package:

Note: Some of the examples use the Multiple_Workspace feature to configure EDK II BaseTools. This is required for using platform code based on edk2-platforms: (

Once you have a basic build environment running, you can build a project in RELEASE or DEBUG mode.

GitHub Help

GitHub ( provides step-by-step instructions for user registration and basic features supported by GitHub

GitHub EDK II Project Repositories

EDK II Development Process

After setting up your build environment see EDK II Development Process for making contributions to the EDK II Project.

Further Help

If you have questions about the code or run into obstacles getting things to work, please join the edk2-devel email list and ask your EDK II related questions on the list.

For info on writing a simple UEFI EDK II Application, see: Getting Started Writing Simple Application

To review the basic setup of .DSC, .DEC, and .INF files, see: Build Description Files

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