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NetworkPkg provides IPv6 network stack drivers, IPsec driver, PXE driver, iSCSI driver and necessary shell applications for network configuration

More information: NetworkPkg Getting Started Guide

Network Package Details Readme_NetworkPkg.txt
1. IPv6 network stack
  • NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe - Ip6 driver, which produces
  • NetworkPkg/Udp6Dxe Udp6 driver, which produces
  • NetworkPkg/TcpDxe - TCP combo driver, which produces
  • NetworkPkg/Dhcp6Dxe - DHCP6 driver, which produces
  • NetworkPkg/Mtftp6Dxe - MTFTP6 driver, which produces
2. IPsec
  • NetworkPkg/IpSecDxe - Ipsec driver, which produces
3. PXE
  • NetworkPkg/UefiPxeBcDxe - PXE combo driver, which produces
4. iSCSI
  • NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe - iSCSi driver, which produces:
5. Shell Applications 1) NetworkPkg/Application/Ping6
  • This command is used to ping the target host with IPv6 stack.
2) NetworkPkg/Application/IfConfig6
  • This command is used to configure the default IP address of the UEFI IPv6.
3) NetworkPkg/Application/IpSecConfig
  • This command is used to create, edit and delete the IPsec policy, i.e. Security Policy Database (SPD), Security Association Database (SAD), and Peer Authentication Database (PAD).
4) NetworkPkg/Application/VConfig
  • This command is used to configure VLAN of a network interface.

Note: UNDI, SNP, DPC and MNP drivers are components shared by IPv4 network stack and IPv6 network stack. These modules could be found in MdeModulePkg except the UNDI driver. For UNDI driver, please contact the Card Vendor.

Note: The PXE driver (NetworkPkg/UefiPxeBcDxe) supports boot on both IPv4 and IPv6 network stack.

Note: Supported features in IPsec

  • 1) Security Protocols Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
  • 2) IPsec Mode Transport/Tunnel mode
  • 3) Encryption Algorithm 3DES-CBC, AES-CBC
  • 4) Authentication Algorithm HMAC_SHA1_96
  • 5) Authentication Method Pre-shared Key, X509 Certificates
Note: After IPsec is enabled in both side, all inbound and outbound IP packet are processed by IPsec.

More information: NetworkPkg Getting Started Guide

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