Oneline Release Notes Generation

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One benefit of our Commit Message Format is to allow easy creation of brief (single-line) release notes

Brief (oneline) Release Notes

If you use git, then the builtin support for oneline release notes can be used: git log --oneline

Using svn log along with small scripts such as those shown below, brief release notes can easily be generated.

Some examples:

svn log -l 5 | awk -f svn-log-to-oneline.awk
svn log -r 10972:10974 | python

You get a result like:

r10972 UefiCpuPkg CpuDxe: Fix bug with CPU Arch RegisterInterruptHandler
r10973 DuetPkg: Add DXE APRIORI for 8259 driver
r10974 DuetPkg: Use UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe instead of DuetPkg/CpuDxe


# Convert svn log output to a single line per commit

BEGIN { s=0 }

# Line of dashes
s==0 && /^[-]+$/ { s++; next }

# Find revision number
s==1 && $2=="|" && $1 ~ /^r[0-9]+$/ { r=$1; s++; next }

# Find summary line and print result
s==2 && /.+/ { print r, $0; s=0 }

import re, sys
rec = re.compile('^[-]+\n(r[0-9]+)[^\n]+\n\n([^\n]+)', re.M)
stdin =
while True:
    mo =
    if mo is None: break
    stdin = stdin[mo.end():]