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Project Administration Recommendations

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This page evaluates the features offered to projects on SourceForge, and recommends how to setup and administrate UEFI/tianocore projects.

Project Features

Project features can be easily added and removed by:

  1. Visit the sourceforge page for the project
  2. Select 'Project Admin' => 'Feature Settings'
  3. Click the checkbox to enable/disable various features
Note: Each feature you enable will cause extra menu items to show up on the project's sourceforge page. Try to enable only the minimum features for your project to keep this page cleaner and easier to understand by visitors.

Recommended Features

  • Subversion: This is currently the recommended source control system
  • Trac (Bug tracking)

Optional Features

Generally these features are not needed. Of course they may be useful for some projects:

  • Screenshots
  • Mailing Lists
    • If your project is small, you may consider using the larger EDK or EDK II dev lists for discussions. (See Mailing Lists page)
  • Forums
  • Project News