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A modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications. Click for a list of EDK II Documents and Specifications


Note: this is the older development environment; Pre-EDK II. See the Differences between EDK and EDK II

EFI Shell Project

Please Note: this is the older EFI shell; Pre-ShellPkg

Other Projects

  • PI SCT Platform Initializiation Self-certification test projtect (Separate SF Project pi-sct)
  • framework-sct EFI device driver loader, application launcher, OS booter
  • edkcontrib Contributions to the EDK for expanded functionality
  • Tianocore web site.
  • efi-sct UEFI SCT has been moved to the UEFI Forum at members page.

Older, unmaintained projects

  • EFI Toolkit is a set of tools that support rapid porting and development of EFI applications, and promote a uniform pre-boot environment on 32 and 64 bit based platforms.
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