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This task involves making several improvements for the standard shell text editor

Table of Contents

Current Status

Task Overview

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Language: C
  • Mentor:
  • Suggested by: , ,
  • Plenty of wasted screen space
  • Unusual hot-keys
  • Hot-keys are not usable over a serial/network terminal connection
Nice to have:
  • Support terminal widths as narrow as 60 columns
Location of editor code: ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib/Edit

Development environment


  • This project can be completed on any edk2 supported OS or toolchain.
  • This project can be tested on any PI 1.2 system.
  • OVMF, Nt32Pkg or UnixPkg could each provide friendly test environments.

Current State

Here is the current look of the UEFI Editor:

   Row: 1  Col: 1       0 Lines Read                            |INS|            
 <font style="color: yellow">F1</font>  Go To Line      <font style="color: yellow">F2</font>  Save File       <font style="color: yellow">F3</font>  Exit                                
 <font style="color: yellow">F4</font>  Search          <font style="color: yellow">F5</font>  Search/Replace  <font style="color: yellow">F6</font>  Cut Line                            
 <font style="color: yellow">F7</font>  Paste Line      <font style="color: yellow">F8</font>  Open File       <font style="color: yellow">F9</font>  File Type                           </font>

Suggested New Layout

Main window

 1,1                                            Help: Ctrl-? </font>

Editor Help

Ctrl-? should popup a help box, something like this:

 1,1                                            Help: Ctrl-? </font>

Another option might be to display help as if it were a text file:

 Control Key   Function Key   Command                        
 -----------   ------------   -----------------              
 Ctrl-G        F1             Go To Line                     
 Ctrl-S        F2             Save File                      
 Ctrl-Q        F3             Exit                           
 Ctrl-F        F4             Search                         
 Ctrl-R        F5             Search/Replace                 
 Ctrl-K        F6             Cut Line                       
 Ctrl-U        F7             Paste Line                     
 Ctrl-O        F8             Open File                      
 Ctrl-T        F9             File Type                      
 Ctrl-W                       Close File                     
 Use Ctrl-W to exit this help                                
 1,1                                            Help: Ctrl-? </font>


Ctrl-F should ask for text to find on the bottom line:

 Search for: UserEntersSearchTextHere                        </font>


Ctrl-R should ask for the seach/replace on the bottom line. First the search, then the replace text.

 Replace with: UserEntersReplacementTextHere                 </font>

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