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Develop an ext2 filesystem driver. (read-only support would be useful as a first step)

  • Difficulty: Medium ... Hard
  • Language: C
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Table of Contents

Current Status


Filesystems in UEFI can be accessed through the SimpleFileSystem protocol. This protocol is the defined within SimpleFileSystem.h.

This project should be completed with a BSD License. This would mean that GPL licenses ext2 code or header files cannot be used. You would need to investigate ext2's disk format by looking for documentation, consulting with ext2(+) developers, or (as a last resort) by examining the disk contents.

It may be possible to leverage BSD licensed code from a reputable open source project, but using 3rd-party code does add some extra complexity (see Code Contributions).

Development environment

Building: This project can be completed on any edk2 supported OS or toolchain.

Testing: OVMF would probably provide the easiest environment for testing your project. You should be able to build your driver into OVMF and then run OVMF with a hard disk image that contains an ext2 file-system.

Further Discussion

This project would be for an edk2 based driver, so please discuss the project on edk2-devel.

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