Tianocore User Help

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Note: this page is no longer maintained. Information is here for historical purposes and will be archived in an upcoming site revision.

This page documents the steps required to participate in tianocore development on SourceForge.

Table of Contents

Read-Only Access to Source

If you only require read-only access to tianocore source code, then you do not need to do anything. You can access all tianocore source code using the guest login.

To find the path to source code, visit the Develop page for the project you are interested in. (See the provided links below)

Previous tianocore.org Users

If you had an account with tianocore.org previously, you may want to attempt to register the same account name with SourceForge for consistency. Of course, it may not be possible to create an account with the same login name in all cases.

If you have a sourceforge account currently then you may choose to use this account.

Creating a SourceForge Account

If you want to be more involved with tianocore work, then you will most likely need to create a SourceForge account.

To create a SourceForge account, visit:

Requesting Additional Access

After you have created a SourceForge account and logged into it, you can now visit our project pages on SourceForge. (Links provided below)

After visiting the SourceForge project page, click on the Develop link near the top of the page. On the Develop page you can request additional access by clicking the Send a request to join this project link near the upper-right corner of the page.

From the Develop page, you can also join discussion groups and email lists related to the project.