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EDK II is a modern, feature-rich, cross-platform firmware development environment for the UEFI and PI specifications. EDK II is open source, using a BSD license.

Source Repositories

EDK II Main Repository

EDK II Staging Repository (features in development)

Additional Repositories


Getting Started with EDK II

Driver Developer

EDK II Specifications

Code Style

EDK II Overview


email {edk2-devel}

irc {#edk2 on, setup, web client}

TianoCore uses Bugzilla for Reporting Issues and Reporting Security Issues.

Current list of Tasks identified by the EDK II community.

Stable Tags

Stable tags are created from edk2/master based on validation with various platforms. Stable tags names use the format edk2-stable<4 digit year><2 digit month> and occur roughly every three months (starting from August 2018).



UDK Releases

UEFI Development Kit (UDK) releases of EDK II are based on validation using various platforms. The year tag indicates the year of major specifications used for the release. UDK releases pre-date the introduction of the stable tag, occur less frequently, and have a longer validation cycle.

UDK2018 | UDK2017 | UDK2015 | UDK2014 | UDK2010

Future Release and Tag Planning

See EDK-II-Release-Planning

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