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Official imports of the Ubuntu Core tarballs for use in Docker
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tl;dr: git clone --single-branch

Please do not open pull requests to update images. We're super happy to get PRs for anything else other than updating the packages in an image though!

Scripts to prepare updates to the Ubuntu official Docker images

The process for updating the images goes like this:

  1. Tarballs are published at by Canonical

  2. The button is clicked by someone with appropriate permissions to run (this job is defined by

  3. This updates each arch-* branch of to be one commit ahead of master, that commit adding tarballs/Dockerfiles/manifests/checksums for each supported release of Ubuntu (this is why you pass --single-branch to clone to get this repo, you don't want to be downloading all these tarballs)

  4. from this repo is run on a developer machine to produce a replacement for

  5. This replacement is proposed as a PR to

  6. The PR is reviewed, approved and submitted by the official image maintainers (

  7. Some more Jenkins happens

  8. The new images are published on

Please feel free to open issues and discuss these images. You can submit pull requests to update the scripts and image metadata, but submitting pull requests to the arch-* branches to update the images does not work and only upsets the pig, or something like that.

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